Ethic offers a wide range of consultancy services for accessing EU/international funds and enhancing project management skills, through innovative tools. The services offered are divided in two clusters:

Capacity Building

Tailored capacity building activities are offered to all entities/companies interested in acquiring skills to better access national and European funds.

International Cooperation

As operational or technical partner, Ethic supports national and international institutions in enhancing their success in international development projects.

Welcome to Ethic Consulting

Ethic Consulting represents a whole new approach for supporting public authorities as well as private companies in performing actions at local, national and international level with particular focus on social and sustainable development.


Why “Ethic”? Our mission

We believe that an “ethic” consultancy should allow clients to achieve results in the short-term through technical suport, while transferring knowledge for their independent success in the medium to long term. The novelty in our approach stands thus in the capacity to effectively bridge training and consultancy services, ensuring impact and sustainability of our action.

With you, to succeed

We challenge ourselves to support public and private sector institutions in their attempt to access funds and gain project management skills, especially when the resources to be invested for this purpose are limited. This strategy relies on the capacity to be flexible, apply a tailor made approach, adapting to a fast changing environment. We offer face-to-face or on-line capacity building and consultancy services, ensuring that the right service is available at the right time to respond to your needs.